Wishing for an AirPods Max but only have a fourth of the budget? No worries- Anker has a pair of headphones that has several of its features. Today, you can get the Q35 ANC Headphones for only $109.99, down from its original price of $130 on Amazon.

Anker’s ANC Headphones

Three colorways aside, the Q35 boasts custom silk-diaphragm drivers to deliver music at a whole new level. LDAC technology accommodates up to 3x more data than other Bluetooth codecs, which means lossless quality and hi-res audio.

Two mics on each earphone cancels out immediate surrounding noise, and you can switch to Indoor, Outdoor or Transport mode depending on what you want. Furthermore, AI-enhanced calls add to the accuracy so you can speak with clarity.

Battery life is not a worry due to the 40-hour playback on a single charge. The noise canceling headphones also feature memory foam padding and a lightweight design for comfortable sessions. Buy the Anker Q35 ANC Headphones today!


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