Save 26% on a sturdy and stylish aluminium stand for your MacBook

Still using your MacBook with your shoulder and back hunched over? Now is the time to go ergonomic for your health and well-being. Today, the Soundance Laptop Stand Aluminum Computer Riser is down to just $22.09 from its original price of $30 on Amazon.

Set your MacBook atop the laptop stand and you’ll immediately feel the difference. It sets the MacBook’s display to eye level and eliminates the strain to your shoulder and neck as well. It can accommodate laptops sized anywhere between 10 to 15.6 inches.

Sturdy and Stylish Aluminum Stand for Your MacBook

The simplistic design belies a few welcome bonuses. The stand lifts up your MacBook and allows for better ventilation. There’s also extra space underneath for your writing tools, mouse, notebook or smartphone. It’s super stable and touts rubber stoppers at the bottom so it wouldn’t slide, even on glass.

Lastly, you can disassemble the stand and bring it with you wherever it’s needed. Get it today at 26% off!