Save 36% on Acer’s Curved Gaming Monitor


If you’re due a monitor upgrade then here’s a great deal for you. Today, you can get the Acer Nitro 31.5 inch FHD Curved Gaming Monitor for just $269.99 from its original price of $425 on Amazon.

Acer’s Curved Gaming Monitor

Acer gives you an expansive real estate that goes well with curved viewing technology. The 31.5 inch gaming monitor boasts a lightning-fast refresh rate of 240Hz, which should be enough to give you the edge in terms of reflexes and reaction. Furthermore, a 1 millisecond response makes the graphics flow smoothly, and the colors are bright and deep enough for immersive gaming.

The monitor comes with two speakers, and the curved screen has a 16:9 and 1,500R aspect. The monitor will look great on your table or workstation, thanks to a modern facelift and narrow bezel design.

Get the Acer Nitro 31.5 inch 240Hz Gaming Monitor at 36% off today!

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