Save $4 on FLAGTOP Portable MacBook Stand


If your biggest gripe in a laptop stand is its portability then you’ll definitely like FLAGTOP’s adjustable and foldable laptop stand. Today, it’s down to just $14.46 from its original price of $18.50 on Amazon.

FLAGTOP Portable MacBook Stand

This laptop stand can be folded down to just roughly the size of a small ruler so you can carry it and your MacBook everywhere you go. Ten non slip rubber stoppers adorn the top (for your laptop) and four sits at the bottom to keep things stable.

FLAGTOP’s laptop stand boasts 6 different heights for ergonomic reasons. Your back, neck and eyes will feel much better only days after using it. The whole body is made from lightweight and premium aluminum, which is both stylish and sturdy at the same time.

The adjustable foldable stand can accommodate any laptop ranging from 10 to 15.6 inches. It’s the perfect companion for when your MacBook is your daily driver and you want something that can prop it up to eye level. Buy the discounted FLAGTOP Portable MacBook Stand today!

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