Save $40 on the Apple Pencil 2

iPad Pro users can get an official stylus to unlock content creation and essential daily work tasks while on the go. Today, the Apple Pencil 2 is down to just $89 from its original price of $129 on Amazon.

The Apple Pencil 2 is one of the best tablet styluses around, and it’s the most realistic you’ll get to a real pen. Featuring an ergonomic and simple shape with advanced technology such as pressure and tilt sensitivity, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll go back to another stylus once you start using it. Paired with an M2 iPad Pro, you’ll be able to take notes, paint, and do creative digital work without missing a bit.

Apple Pencil

As for user experience, the Apple Pencil 2 works very well in this regard. The device attaches and charges simultaneously when placed on the side. Intuitive tool switching is unlocked with just a finger tap. Buy the discounted Apple Pencil 2 today!