Save 40% on the Shargeek Mac-Themed USB-C GaN Charger


Impress your friends with a unique USB-C GaN charger with a retro design. Today, the Shargeek Retro 35 USB-C GaN III Charger is down to just $31.86 from its original price of $59 on Amazon. Make sure to tick the on-page coupon to see the discount.

Shargeek USB C Charger

The Retro 35 Charger looks like a small Macintosh computer, complete with a beige shell and a pixel smiley on its display. What’s especially cool about this GaN III charger is how the indicator LED light is on the display and changes colors depending on the charging status. Included are stickers that have similar themes to switch up the design of the display.

The GaN USB-C charger can deliver up to 35W and to different devices, including iPhones, the MacBook Air, iPads,and even laptops. When not charging, you can fold the plug and store it in your drawer or travel bag.

Buy the discounted Shargeek Retro 35 USB-C GaN III Charger today!


Samantha Wiley

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