Save 43% on the Meer Mini Smart Movie Projector

A portable projector brings that cool factor and the ability to show a big screen with minimal fuss. Today, the Meer Mini Smart Movie Projector is down to just $39.99 from its original price of $70 on Amazon.

Stash the Meer projector in your bag and bring it out when it’s time to watch a movie together, or when you need an extra screen for work and presentations. Its portability not only makes it great for urban settings but also for outdoor camping and parties. Multiple ports allow you to stick in a USB, a gaming console, your tablet, a computer, or a set-top box through HDMI.

Meer Mini Smart Movie Projector

With built-in speakers, a 60-inch throw at just 1-3 meters and 1080p resolution, you’ll be glad to have the Meer projector by your side. The built-in bulb offers 400 lumens and thousands of hours of entertainment. Buy the discounted Meer mini projector today!