Save 6% when buying the Silver Wireless Apple Magic Mouse 2 on Amazon

Apple accessories are always available at a discounted price on Amazon. If you wish to avail of the discount on the Apple Magic Mouse 2, Silver model you can buy it on Amazon. The actual price of this product is $79, but when you buy it on Amazon, you will only pay $74. You save $5 with this purchase. 

The Apple Magic Mouse 2 is an amazing product. It fits on your hands and works like a charm.  Apple eliminates the need for the wire, so now you can go wireless and also charge it wirelessly. You will find it easy to use. It is lightweight because of which it moves fast. The mouse gives precision movement of the cursor. Although it is not a gaming mouse, still you can also play your favorite games using the Apple Magic mouse 2 with precision.  

Apple Magic Mouse 2

You can recharge the mouse anytime. It works with all models of Macbooks that have OS X v10.11 or higher. Also, Apple has customized this mouse with a smooth foot design. It allows the mouse to move on any surface without any issue. 

Buy the Silver Apple Magic Mouse 2 for only $74 and save $5 with this deal.