Save $80 with the Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch


Looking for a dedicated fitness smartwatch with features you’d find in Apple Watch? The Fitbit Sense fits the bill. Today, the Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch is down to just $250 from its original price of $330 on Amazon.


The Fitbit Sense has everything you’d want in a modern fitness smartwatch. It has a heart sensor that can check for irregular rhythms and atrial fibrillation, results that can be shared via the Fitbit ECG app. What’s unique about the Sense is that it can also detect stress levels and check blood oxygen levels quickly and reliably.

The smartwatch has a built in GPS so you can check your distance and pace without having to bring your phone with you. There’s also a speaker and mic for hands-free calls. The heart rate notification provides alerts when the sensor detects unusually low or high counts.

A full charge can last you at least 6 days. The Fitbit Sense also supports fast-charging. Buy it for only $250 today!

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