Apple is way behind when it comes to managing copycat apps on the App Store. Case in point- the Authenticator app by 2Stable has a clone that charges users $3.99 a week for essentially the same features.

App Store

Kevin Archer, Authenticator developer discovered that his app was copied from artwork to feature by a company named Byte Service. It even had the same text and artwork from the App Store product description. The app breaks the platform’s guidelines by asking users to rate the app and has some features listed that they do not have.

Archer also found a similar app with a different icon, coming from a different developer or company. Upon inspection, it had the same elements that came from his app. He went on social media to complain why Apple has passed it and why the clone is in the App Store.

In effect, Apple recently restored its ‘report a problem’ link to try and combat these issues.


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