Score Cool Points on the $65 Off AZIO Retro Compact Mechanical Keyboard

Why get a generic wireless keyboard when you can score a cool and retro mechanical one at a discounted price?

Today, the AZIO Retro Artisan Wireless Mechanical Keyboard is down to just $165.06 from its original price of $230 on Amazon.

AZIO Retro Compact Mechanical Keyboard

AZIO’s mechanical keyboard sports a black-and-bronze leather and metallic combination for that exquisite and premium feel. Included in the package is an armrest with the same stylings so your wrist won’t get strained as much.

Mechanical round keys are backlit and tuned to offer the same experience as typing on a vintage typewriter.

As for connectivity you can use the Retro keyboard via Bluetooth or USB, with extra keycaps for Mac and PC switches. At the bottom are adjustable stands so you can raise the keys or tune it at a more comfortable angle.

The AZIO Retro Compact Mechanical Keyboard offers a unique way to type up a storm. At nearly $65 off, it’s one of the best deals you can get today!