Screen sharing for messenger on iOS rolls out

Sharing your screen while on Facebook Messenger just got a whole lot easier.

Facebook today has made screen sharing available on the iOS and Android platform, which means you won’t need the desktop app or open a browser to do it.

Sharing while on video call will give you some options like looking through social media, shopping or scrolling through camera rolls together. Facebook states this can be a ‘fun and engaging way’ to connect with family and friends.

Screen sharing for messenger on iOS rolls out

Also, you can now share your screen to people via desktop and web Messenger Rooms. Currently the maximum allowed is 16 but Facebook says they will be increasing it to 50. There will also be more control over who can share in a Room.

Screen sharing can be done in Workplace Rooms, also without having to open the Messenger app or the web version. You can now update your Messenger app version to enjoy the feature.

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