Will the SD card make a comeback on the MacBook Pro?

Apple’s latest take on the Mac line-up is fixing the mistakes it has made in the past. In case of the MacBook Pro, the company agreed that it prioritized thinness over functionality and fixed the mistakes by bringing back the scissor switch keyboard and made the laptop thicker to improve air-flow.

However, the company did not bring back the SD card. Apple has been “courageous” in killing old technologies like CD Drive, 3.5mm jack and more. However, there is no proper alternative for the SD card yet and almost everybody that owns a professional camera uses SD cards.

USB-C is the future or the present?

USB-C is the future, sure, nobody can deny the fact. However, USB-C does not solve the case of SD cards. USB-C is supposed to only replace ports and dangling wires. It does not offer a proper alternative to user removable cards but instead adds more dangling wires by requiring users to use dongles or adapters.

While using dongles is already an inconvenience, the price of the dongles add more stress to the consumers. It was a simple process: take the SD card out from your camera and insert it into the laptop. Such a simple task now requires pulling out the dongle from the bag, plugging it in and then hold the dongle steadily to insert the SD card. Phew.

Apple’s SVP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller, in an interview with Jonathan Morrison, a YouTuber said that, the company is “probably not “ going to bring back the SD card in the future when Morrison questioned regarding the same. However, Schiller also added that, things can always change but denied talking about future products.

Phil Schiller also said that, while things could always change, the company apparently found that people are using USB-C more and more for their needs. He also added that, Apple has done the best for customers by not placing “every port type” on the laptop.