Apple should bring back MacBook Pro’s SD card slot


Apple ditched the SD card reader on the MacBook Pros released in 2016. The MacBook Air also followed the course of the MacBook Pro, as the refreshed MacBook Air released in 2018 also ditched the SD card reader.

Apple should bring back MacBook Pro’s SD card slot

The SD card reader is an important port to have on a laptop (or a desktop) as photographers and videographers still use them for shooting their content (photos and videos). Apple thinks that cloud or wireless transfer of files is the answer and also if really required people will use dongles but they are a hassle to use.

Last year, Apple released the 16” MacBook Pro which fixed some of the things the company had broken beginning with the 2016 MacBook Pro (and the 2015 12” MacBook). The butterfly keyboard which was used on all the MacBook Pros from 2016 to Mid 2019 suffered from various issues pertaining to dust.

As a result, Apple had to ditch the thin butterfly keyboard and bring back the old scissor switch mechanism – a trusted and reliable keyboard system. We expect Apple to do the same with the 13” MacBook Pro i.e switch to scissor switch keyboard.

We expect Apple to release the new 13” MacBook Pro in March. However, the company could very well decide to postpone the launch and launch it during WWDC as a gift to the developers. A lot of reports and filings of a MacBook have leaked but it’s unclear at the moment as to when it will be launched.

It would be nice if Apple could very well decide to bring back the SD card reader. The company already agreed to the fact that the new keyboard mechanism it had developed was inferior to the scissor switch mechanism and it went back to using the old one. Similarly, we expect Apple to bring back the SD card reader.

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