Seattle and California cycling directions appear on Apple Maps

Apple has updated its navigational app Apple Maps to include cycling directions in California and Seattle.

Cycling directions began to be added in iOS 14. It included helpful information such as a street’s business, if there are stairs present and how elevated the path is. Apple has been expanding this feature, which now appears in California and Seattle.

iPhone users in the said regions started receiving notifications of the new cycling direction feature. The locations have been added to the iOS feature availability section of Apple’s official website.

Cycling directions in Apple Maps are now available in Portland, New York City, London and mainland China. To get cycling directions, iOS users can launch the Maps app, then type the address where they wish to go. Tapping on ‘Directions’ and then the bicycle icon will reveal the route. Filtering through busy roads and hills can be done via toggles. Tap ‘Go’ and the app will guide the user to his or her destination.

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