Apple has recently released another AR experience to complement its second season of ‘For All Mankind’ a series on the Apple TV+ platform.

For All Mankind

The AR experience mostly explores space technology and allows viewers a closer look at the Saturn V rocket and a Soviet Union spacesuit, among others. Cards that feature show props and real-world objects can be cast onto a screen and in AR views. Users can try out the N1 rocket, L3 lunar spacecraft, Jamestown base, lunar rover and Apollo spacesuit.

The assets bridge the gap between ‘For All Mankind’ seasons one and two, where an increasing number of personnel on both competing countries went to the moon.

Apple’s first AR experience for the show was launched in February. Viewers could explore the relationships between Gordo and Tracy Stevens and their son, Danny Stevens by interacting with items in a ‘time capsule’ including an Apple II computer, a mixtape, family photos and more.


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