Second outing of ‘Fantasian’ set on August 13 for Apple Arcade

‘Fantasian’ part two is set to debut August 13 on the Apple Arcade platform.

The game developer Mistwalker has recently announced the continuation of the game. The company, with Hironobu Sakaguchi at the helm, is optimistic that the game will be completed on the said date.


‘Fantasian’ is an Apple Arcade exclusive and received hype due to Sakaguchi’s involvement with the long-running and popular Final Fantasy series. The game features handcrafted dioramas and tracks from acclaimed musician Nobuo Uematsu.

Once the second part goes live Apple Arcade subscribers will only need to launch the original game to see the new content. The announcement states that part 2 will have twice the volume and is more quest-driven, and how boss encounters are more unique.

Apple Arcade is Apple’s game subscription service and costs $4.99 a month. Users can try it free for a month, and new Apple device owners can try it for 3 months free.