Apple has reported disruption on several of their iCloud services in line with the Google Cloud outage situation. On their System Status page, the company has announced that iOS users may be experiencing technical difficulties with their Documents, Photos, iMessage, iCloud Drive and iCloud Mail. The issues aren’t widespread but some might experience slowdowns and longer load times than usual.


In 2018, Apple conferred that they’re using Google Cloud for some of their iCloud services, including videos, photos, documents, calendars and contacts storage, among others. The outage experienced today reflects that fact, but otherwise Apple services are still online and fully functional.

Apple added that both Google and Amazon have no access to iCloud data, stating that each file is broken into digital chunks encrypted with AES-128 and SHA-256 keys. All metadata is stored on the iOS user’s iCloud account. Moreover, the company confirms that all files do not contain user-identifying information when they’re placed into Google Cloud and Amazon S3 platforms.

The total of 11 issues have been resolved, but Apple advises to contact support if you’re experiencing any other problem apart from those listed.


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