Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reveals several speculative features that could be included in Apple’s upcoming VR and AR headset.

Apple AR Headset

Gurman says that the absence of a camera with the device could be solved via Memojis. In a VR conference room with other people, the participants could use 3D versions of themselves using Memojis for a ‘fairly lifelike’ experience.

For group entertainment, Gurman believes that the AR headset might have SharePlay integrated along with realityOS, which makes users experience games, movies and music together.

As development for the Apple headset comes along there have been numerous rumors and confirmations. For one, code in App Store logs point to the AR’s system being titled ‘realityOS’. In another, it’s said that the headset device will have its own App Store for apps and services.

Launch date for Apple VR is said to be around this year or next year. Pricing for the device could be around $2,000 or more. 


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