Shazam gets a song recognition upgrade

Music recognition app Shazam underwent an update to listen to songs at a longer time to try and identify it.

The Shazam app is now on version 15.0, with update notes showing how the app spends more time listening to songs, ‘trying harder, for longer’ and inviting users to give it a try.

Before the update, the app will only spend a few seconds to try and recognize, and possibly allow a few more seconds if it wasn’t able to identify the track. After a missed attempt, the user is advised to move their iPhones closer or to try again.

Shazam 15.0 update is now available to all iPad and iPhone users, with the app free to download at the App Store. The company was acquired by Apple to the sum of $400 million in 2018 and has received several updates, mostly for performance improvements and bug fixes.

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