Shazam music discovery exceeds 1 billion monthly Shazams

Shazam, a music discovery service owned by Apple has completed a milestone today when it surpassed 1 billion-plus Shazams in a month.

The service began life as an SMS service in 2002 and became an app in 2008 when the App Store launched. After 10 years Shazam had 10 billion tags, but at the same period of time it exceeded 50 billion tags on more than 50 million songs.


Shazam can be called up via Apple devices and through Siri. You can have the voice assistant recognize a song or via the Control Center on the iPad or iPhone. It’s also available as an app that can be downloaded on the App Store.

Currently, Apple is reportedly making a ShazamKit for developers, which allows the audio recognition service to be integrated into apps. Aside from matching music to the service catalog Shazam can also match pre-recorded audio in custom results. The kit is expected to be released this year.