Shazam reveals popular song predictions for 2022

Shazam has recently shared a playlist for 50 artists who are expected to have a breakout year in 2022.

The Shazam Predictions playlist is available to listen to in Apple Music, handpicked by the global editorial team at Apple Music and using calculated data coming from Shazam’s predictive algorithm. Indicators of future growth, such as consistent activity and discovery in Shazam and in more than one region were just a few factors that allowed a song into the list.


The post includes five artists ‘to watch’- Ayra Starr, DannyLux, Lyn Lapid, Sad Night Dynamite and STAYC.

Last year, Shazam made similar predictions for the artist ‘Masked Wolf’. The company mentioned that the artist would rise to fame, and the track ‘Astronaut in the Ocean’ promptly rose to fame and went viral on social media platforms. Since then, the song has been entered 11 million times and gained the title of ‘2021 Most Shazamed Song’.