Shazam update adds relevant and nearby concert recommendations


Apple-owned music identification app Shazam has recently been updated to recommend nearby concerts for those who might be interested in seeing live shows of discovered songs and artists.


The latest version can now search for live concerts that are related to the user’s identified song, complete with the date, location and venue. Oliver Schusser, Apple Music and Beats VP says that Shazam has a history of innovation in connecting fans to artists, and with live music re-emerging post pandemic, Shazam users can access concerts for even greater discoverability.

Concerts connected to the track may appear within the user’s city. In-app, users can also tap the link to sign up or purchase tickets for the said concert. To see the feature in its entirety it’s recommended that you download the app or update to the latest version.

Shazam was the first music identification app and was released in 2002. In 2018, Apple bought the company for $401 million.

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