Shenzhen COVID lockdown leads to delayed Apple products

Restrictions due to COVID in the Chinese province Shenzhen will lead to delayed Apple product deliveries, including the Mac Studio.

Preorders for Mac Studio were set on March 8, with order fulfillment estimated to be around 12 weeks. However, a new lockdown has hit Shenzhen and impacted its shipment and manufacturing timeline.

Apple Products

The Chinese government decided to put the province in a state of lockdown after a spike in Hong Kong. The Associated Press reveals that everyone will have to be tested three times as part of the country’s ‘zero tolerance’ policy versus the coronavirus.

The lockdown in Shenzhen will not impact essentials such as food, fuel and other goods or services. Businesses were told to operate in a work-from-home environment until March 20 or beyond. Hong Kong saw 32,000 new infections while Shenzhen saw only 40. Other factories that were told to shut down were Foxconn’s Guanlan and Longhua facilities.