Shopify Puts Out RoomPlan demo, dubbed ‘Space Eraser’


E-commerce site Shopify recently revealed a RoomPlan demo that erased all furniture in a room, saying how the technology can act as a ‘reset button’.


Russ Maschmeyer of Shopify called the feature ‘Space Eraser’ and describes the tech as a way to model spaces and capture room objects and their orientation, position and size, among others.

After clearing out a room of furniture via Apple AR, users can now look at room sets to see how their rooms would look like with the new objects.

The RoomPlan API was announced during the WWDC 2022. The AR technology isn’t an app but rather an API that may be integrated into apps.

Retailers can use RoomPlan to show customers what their homes would look like with new products. ARKit does the same thing and was released in 2017; however, RoomPlan is based on the newer LiDAR platform.

The Shopify demo app does not have a release date as of the moment.

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