Shot on iPhone XS Features Las Cholitas Voladoras [Video]


Apple has shared a video in their Shot on iPhone XS called “Las Cholitas Voladoras”, a film about the female wrestlers in Bolivia.

Shot on iPhone XS Features Las Cholitas Voladoras

The video highlights a group of Bolivian female wrestlers and their creativity and skill as a means to empower women from around the world. Apple mentions that the film was shot on the iPhone XS with the following equipment and accessories- Moment Lenses, FilMic Pro, Freefly Movi Cinema, Canon EF Prime Lenses, Beastgrip Lens Adapter & Rig System and an ROV Motorized Slider.

The credits for the short video are the following:

  • Dana Buoy for Music
  • Lynn Bousquet as Editor
  • Jeremy Scheier as Producer
  • Bob Hoste and Brandon Kuzma for Cinematography
  • Luisa Dorr and Michael Johnson as Directors

Shot on iPhone is a program that shows off the iPhone’s camera technology. The last iteration was a short video for the Chinese New Year. Apple also previously held a contest that encouraged iPhone users to submit their own “making of” creations via short clips or photos.

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