Should you buy the 16″ MacBook Pro?

After long rundown of rumours, leaks, and reports, Apple introduced the 16” MacBook Pro with an improved keyboard mechanism. It also brings back the “Esc” key which according to Apple was the most requested feature from its users (especially developers). The company also did the unexpected and made the laptop slightly thicker and heavier to pack a larger battery and also to pack the new-old scissor switch keyboard mechanism.

The 16” MacBook Pro packs a new six-speaker sound system for absolutely amazing sound reproduction – very likely the best speakers system on any laptop. Along with the speakers, Apple also decided to pack a much improved microphone array for what it likes to call “studio quality mics” and the initial impressions are very positive – they may not be external microphone replacement but they can definitely be starter or backup mics.

Should you buy the 16″ MacBook Pro?
Return of the esc key

Of course, the name says it all 16” MacBook Pro – it packs a slightly larger display compared to the 15.4” MacBook Pro. It may not be much larger but content enthusiasts will definitely appreciate it along with the new resolution. Apple also says the display has been slightly improved but its very much similar to the post 2016 MacBook Pros.

Apple has immensely improved the 16” MacBook Pro but it still lacks some important features or packs some unnecessary features. USB-C is the future or maybe the present but SD-Cards are still used and they are very likely to be used for a long time to come. In an interview with Jonathan Morrison, a YouTuber, Apple’s SVP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller said that its very unlikely that the SD-Card slot will make a return in the future.

Buy it or skip it?

The company still does not offer an option to get the MacBook Pro without the TouchBar. If you need a MacBook Pro, you have to get the TouchBar along with it. A lot of people prefer physical keys compared to the OLED touchscreen and would be happy to save around $300 instead.

The 16” MacBook Pro is an extremely good laptop but its still expensive; the TouchBar, duh. However, if you don’t mind the TouchBar, the lack of SD-card slot and the price; get the 16” MacBook Pro, it’s one of the finest laptops on the market, period.

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