Apple released the iPhone 7 in September 2016 which makes the device more than three years old. However, the chip on the device should not be considered weak by today’s standards and neither should the amount of RAM. At the September 2019 ‘Apple Special Event’, the company released the new 10.2” iPad for $320, a product aimed at the budget oriented audience.

iPhone 7

The new 10.2” iPad feature the A10 Fusion chip found on the iPhone 7 and also features the same amount of RAM as the iPhone 7 (2GB). It’s a clear indication from Apple that the iPhone 7 internals are not outdated just yet. The newly released iPad will be supported for a minimum of three years or more if we’re lucky.

The camera is fantastic

Should you buy the iPhone 7? [September 2019]
iPhone 7 Camera

So we expect the same to be the case with the iPhone 7, we expect it to be supported for another three good years. The camera on the device is extremely good – a 12MP shooter on the back capable of recording 4K video and also features a display with wider color gamut. On the front, a 7MP sensor makes it a good phone for selfies.

However, one area where the iPhone 7 falls behind is in the battery backup department. But the iPhone 7 Plus is comparatively better than the iPhone 7 in terms of battery life. If you can get behind the idea of bad battery life, then the iPhone 7 is a great device. Also, the iPhone 7 supports fast charging using a 12W USB-Lightning charger (either USB-A or USB-C).

Waterproof iPhone

iPhone 7 was the water-resistant iPhone
iPhone 7 was the water-resistant iPhone

The iPhone 7 is the first iPhone to be officially tagged with “waterproof” line. The speakers on the device are also excellent. If you can find the device for under $250, take the deal. It can’t get any sweeter but remember that the battery life could be better (look for Android phones in that case)..


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