Should you buy a MacBook or wait for the new ones?

Abhay Ram
By Abhay Ram  - News Editor
MacBook Pro

Apple is rumoured to be working on a new MacBook Pro which could possibly release at its October event as usual. The biggest takeaway from the new MacBook Pro would be the reworked keyboard design, according to noted analysts. The keyboards on all the MacBook are plagued with issues related to dust – they stop working pretty quickly once dust enters its chambers.

The butterfly keyboard mechanism introduced along with the 2015 MacBook has since made its way to other MacBooks models as well. In 2016, the MacBook Pro took the butterfly keyboard and in 2018, the MacBook Air also received the butterfly keyboard treatment. However, the keyboard design is known to suffer from terrible issues and Apple has issued statements multiple times. The company also added free four years of keyboard replacement warranty to MacBooks with butterfly keyboards.

MacBook Pro

When will Apple update the MacBooks?

MacBook Scissor Switch Keyboards

At the iPhone event, Apple was presumed to launch a completely reworked 16 inch MacBook Pro with a new keyboard design. However, that didn’t happen. It’s important to note that, Apple updated the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models with tiny processor upgrades. Could Apple decide to postpone the release of the new MacBooks? Its possible.

So should you buy a MacBook right now or wait for the new MacBooks with improved keyboard designs? We suggest you to wait. We strongly think that Apple will release its new MacBooks at its October event next month. However, if the company decides to go the other way and postpone it to next year altogether, we would still suggest you to wait as the current MacBooks have way too many problems. If you do however need a laptop right now badly, sure go ahead, there’s no other way. But if you can wait, it would definitely be worth it. Apple maintains a four-year refresh cycle with its laptops and its time. 

We also expect the MacBook Air to be updated with a new scissor mechanism soon after the MacBook Pro upgrade or Apple could very well update both of them at the same time.

By Abhay Ram News Editor
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