SI swimsuit model brooks nader recalls AirTag stalking experience


Brooks Nader recently went on social media and detailed a ‘scary’ experience involving an Apple AirTag.


The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model recalled how she found an AirTag in her coat pocket via a notification alert on her iPhone. She says she left the coat in a chair, which a stalker might have slipped the device in to track her location.

Before the experience, Nader didn’t know that AirTags existed. She said ‘it was the scariest, scariest moment ever’ on Instagram, and went on to warn everyone that this kind of stalking exists.

AirTags were originally meant to track down lost devices. However, there are some who use it to facilitate theft and stalk people. With the most recent update, those who have a smartphone can get alerted if they’re likely carrying an AirTag around with them. Android phones were also recently given an app so owners could know when they’re being tracked.


Samantha Wiley

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