Apple has updated its Apple Maps app to cover the regions of Singapore and Germany.

Apple Maps

Apple Maps in both regions now offer three dimensional landmarks, better navigation, more detailed road coverage and improved views of shopping centers, airports, buildings and parks. Look Around has expanded as well.

The expansion is believed to have come just 48 days after the public testing phase and is the 14th time Apple expanded on its map data since launching in September 2018. Singapore has the distinction of being the first Asian region to get the new map data. It’s also believed that the new map data covers 8.5 percent and 18.4 percent of the global population and Earth’s land area, respectively.

The refreshed Apple Maps first launched in iOS 12 and has received constant updates since then. From its inception the app has offered more accurate navigation in detailed views of pedestrian pathways, sports fields, buildings, roads and more.


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