Siri May ‘Read’ Your Emotions in the Future

Apple is coming up with a way to enhance Siri and user’s requests via facial recognition technology in future versions.

Apple’s US Patent Number 20190348037 states that ‘intelligent software agents’ can perform a desired user action via language, e.g., a sentence or a command. The Cupertino-based company wants to eliminate the number of misinterpreted requests by analyzing emotions.

Siri May 'Read' Your Emotions in the Future

The patent continues by elaborating that it could determine what the user may be requesting by studying the face image in the input and see if there are identifying motions or shapes to arrive at the right action.

Siri May ‘Read’ Your Emotions in the Future

Siri may also read the user’s emotional state to see if the action was to the user’s pleasure or displeasure by using methods outlined in the Facial Action Coding System. Using FACS and an internal system, Siri will be able to arrive at the correct response.

If this is the case, then we could be at a future where smart AI can become smarter by reading your reactions.