Apple seeks improvements in Siri by acquiring machine language learning startup

According to the latest reports by Bloomberg, Apple has purchased “Inductiv” which is a machine language learning startup. The purpose of this acquisition is to improve Siri. Apple has added dozens of AI startups to its acquired list in the past few years. 

Inductv is an Ontario-based startup. Apple purchases these startups but does not give any details on the purpose of buying these startups. The Inductiv’s ream joined Apple to work on Siri. According to Bloomberg, the startup used artificial intelligence technology to identify and correct errors that occurred in data collection for machine language learning. 


Bloomberg’s report says that data without errors is important for machine language learning. It makes the process easy and quick. It also helps the software learn the language with less human intervention. The acquisition will help Apple’s data science category which is a key element of Apple’s strategy for machine language learning. 

John Giannandrea, who is Apple’s Siri Chief, is responsible for machine learning upgrades the technology that Siri uses by acquiring startups such as “Inductiv.” Apple has acquired several AI companies in the past including, Voysis, Perceptio, Tuplejump, Turi, and many others.