Craig Federighi gives an interview talking about Siri, macOS Big Sur and more

Craig Federighi who is Apple’s software chief gave an interview to John Gruber on The Talk Show. Federighi does a series of interviews after the WWDC and this year he also did the same. He also spoke to Marques Brownlee who is a tech YouTuber.

Craig Federighi discussed some new features of iOS and also answered several questions from the Apple fans. He talked about Siri saying that it has now a new compact UI. This new UI keeps the background visible when using Siri however the user cannot interact with the background.


He also talked about macOS Big Sur saying that it is macOS 11. He said that it is not macOS 10.16. He also said that the macOS Big Sur is a great new platform and will serve good for Apple’s transition from Intel to Silicon chips.

He also said that Big Sur brings new changes to the design after a long time. He also said that he is looking forward to the feedback that people will give. He also told that in the iOS 14 now the users can set third-party apps as default apps for mail and browser apps.