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Siri can now answer US election questions

Siri, the AI voice assistant on Mac, Apple TV, iPad and iPhone

Haider Ali Khan Haider Ali Khan

Siri May ‘Read’ Your Emotions in the Future

Apple is coming up with a way to enhance Siri and user's

Samantha Wiley Samantha Wiley

iOS 13: Dark Mode, Updated Design, Smarter Siri

Apple pushes a major iOS update every year along with its new

Abhay Ram Abhay Ram

Apple explains technology behind Siri’s ability to find local destinations

Apple has shared a new paper in its Machine Learning Journal providing

Jesse Hollington Jesse Hollington

Apple expands Siri support for World Cup, adds new themed content

Apple is going all-out for the 2018 World Cup tournament, announcing expanded

Jesse Hollington Jesse Hollington

Siri leads the pack among virtual assistants in Canada

Siri is the number one virtual assistant in Canada, according to a

Jesse Hollington Jesse Hollington

About explains ‘Hey Siri’ personalization in Machine Learning Journal

In a new post in Apple’s Machine Learning Journal, the company explains

Jesse Hollington Jesse Hollington

Siri bug allows access to hidden messages on iPhone by asking Siri to read them

A bug discovered by Mac Magazine allows users to access hidden messages

Dan Pye Dan Pye

Apple opens Siri’s ‘Give me the news’ feature to US, UK, Australian users

Even though the HomePod has been delayed, Apple is rolling out Siri’s

Dan Pye Dan Pye

Apple patent application would help Siri detect whispers, whisper back

A new patent application from Apple aims to create “a digital assistant

Dan Pye Dan Pye

Report: Apple acquiring music recognition app Shazam (Update: Apple confirms)

Apple is close to acquiring Shazam, the app that lets users identify

Dan Pye Dan Pye

Sonos bringing AirPlay 2 support to its speakers next year

Sonos has announced it will bring support for Apple’s AirPlay 2 standard

Dan Pye Dan Pye

Apple drops Bing for Siri and Spotlight searches, moves to Google

Apple has switched Siri and Spotlight’s default searches to Google, leaving Bing

Dan Pye Dan Pye

Apple publishes details of deep learning improvements to Siri voice quality in iOS 11

Apple’s latest post on its fledgling Machine Learning Journal provides some interesting

Jesse Hollington Jesse Hollington

Siri use down, but it’s still the most popular digital assistant

A new research report by Verto Analytics shows use of Siri is

Dan Pye Dan Pye

New leaks back under-glass fingerprint scanner in iPhone 8, 2018 Macbook with customizable keyboard

Last week a series of images released by iPhoneros appeared to show

Dan Pye Dan Pye

Apple stops returning search results for 32-bit apps, hints at new Files app

Apple is no longer returning search results for 32-bit apps in the

Dan Pye Dan Pye

Apple patents construction method for cylindrical device that could be Siri speaker

Apple has been granted a patent for techniques to mount multiple components

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