Siri remote gets firmware update


The Apple TV Siri Remote gets a new firmware update to bring it to version 10M1103.

Siri Remote

The 2021 Siri Remote is included in the Apple TV 4K model and recently received a hardware update, although the exact details of what was improved hasn’t been mentioned. However, we can safely say that it’s mostly under the hood, e.g., to make the hardware run better, as well as bug fixes. Apple did not specify any information on its official website.

The last firmware update for the Siri Remote was in August last year, with a version number 9M6772. Unfortunately, there is no way to manually force the firmware upgrade for the Siri Remote.

However, Apple TV 4K users can increase their chances of the device downloading the update by connecting their devices to a stable internet connection, such as a wi-fi network. Otherwise, it’s just a matter of waiting until the OTA firmware update arrives.

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