‘Siri Speech Study’ App launches, is Invite-Only

Apple has started a program through an app that aims to improve Siri functionality.

The ‘Siri Speech Study’ app is invite-only and available in Taiwan, New Zealand, the United States, Hong Kong, Mexico, Japan, Italy, Ireland, France, Germany, Canada and India. Those who have been selected will be able to see it in the App Store, but those that haven’t been invited won’t be able to look it up via search or by browsing in the Utilities category within the App Store.

Siri Speech Study

The app appeared on August 9 and was recently updated. Users could volunteer to share their Siri data, feedback and interactions to improve the voice assistant. Apple mentioned that they set up the program to improve Siri on various products and as a way for users to share their feedback with Apple in a direct manner.

Siri Speech Study

Users will be requested to provide specific feedback per case. One example is that they will have to explain what they were asking in the event that Siri mishears a command.