Apple to make six million iPhone 9 units in Q1, suggests report


The rumours surrounding the second generation iPhone SE have been swirling around for the past two years now. However, it looks like 2020 will be the year when the successor to the iPhone SE will be released. Apple released the iPhone SE in March of 2016 for $399 – a phone using the body from a 2012 iPhone coupled with internals of a 2015 iPhone.

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Apple will reportedly pull off something similar this year, however the device could be named “iPhone 9” rather than the iPhone SE 2. We are unable to determine which rumours and/or leaks are legit at the moment but for the purpose of this article, we’ll refer to it as the iPhone 9.

Krish Sankar, an analyst working for Cohen & Company Inc. recently revealed that Apple is planning to make six million iPhone 9’s in the first calendar quarter of this year. Taking an overall look, the company will reportedly make 46 million iPhones.

The iPhone 9 will reportedly cost similar to that of the iPhone SE. The pricing of the phone could fall close to the price tag of $399. Nonetheless, it looks like Sankar has some detailed information regarding the iPhone 9’s pricing as he suggests that the phone will be priced at $475.

Sankar says that the demand for the iPhone 9 will be high if Apple does stick to pricing the phone below $500. He adds that he actually believes that it will be the case. The device will very likely cater to the needs of the people who still prefer the physical home button over a gesture based navigation system and TouchID over FaceID.

The iPhone SE sold very well in India after the company began to assemble the device in the country. Apple will very likely continue the trend by assembling some units of the iPhone 9 in India.


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