Sketchboard Pro: $119 Drawing Canvas for iPad

The art studio Braintreehouse announced its iPad accessory Sketchboard Pro. The studio claims that it has created this accessory to eliminate the problems artists face when sketching on the iPad for extended hours.

The Sketchboard Pro is essentially a large board cum stand for the iPad. It has been custom made for touch based devices that are increasingly being used by artists to draw, sketch, or paint. The elevated stand features a space in the middle to affix the iPad which makes sure that the iPad does not move or wobble and provides a proper strong hold.

Sketchboard Pro for iPad

iPad stand made for artists

Braintreehouse stresses on the point that it has created the Sketchboard Pro keeping in mind the requirements of artists. The board cum stand angles at 20 degrees to provide a comfortable angled arrangement which artists are traditionally used to when sketching on paper.

Sketchboard Pro: $119 Drawing Canvas for iPad

By using the stand, users will not have to hold in their hands which could take up some space on the screen and can be frustrating.The Sketchboard Pro costs $119 (USD) and it makes for a very useful addition to users that sketch on the iPad. Of course, its too early to say if the product is perfect or it has its own caveats.

“We spent several months testing the Sketchboard Pro with professional artists doing production artwork in an effort to refine its ergonomics,” said Harrison. “Since announcing at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this past January, and even winning a couple awards, we’ve seen a demand for the product across more industries than we could’ve ever predicted.”

“From accessibility needs to architects to kids, it has become a product that a lot of people have benefited from when using their iPad. We anticipate more demand for this product as an at-home office staple as more families continue to navigate working and schooling from home during the pandemic,” added Harrison.