Slack on iOS gets Dark Mode with public beta

Dark Mode is turning out to be one of the de facto features on many apps. Slack is one of the new contenders, it has begun testing a dark theme in its app. According to 9To5Mac, it was the most requested feature by Slack users. To follow up, the company released a beta version of the app with a Dark Mode option.

After installing the beta version of the app, turning on Dark Mode is a breeze. Go to the settings by tapping the three dots in the upper-right corner. In the Settings window, a new “Dark Mode” toggle will be visible. Turning it on, will enable the app wide dark mode.

Slack Dark Mode

While many apps may use a rich black hue for their dark mode, Slack has opted for dark-grayish tint.Well, the option is only available only in beta at the moment, so it could be changed before the actual release. The dark gray goes easy on the eyes in the night, and also looks cool; some people prefer keeping the Dark Mode enabled all the time in several apps.

All Dark iOS

iOS Dark Mode [For representational purpose]

It appears as if iOS app developers are out on a mission to make all their apps “Dark Mode” enabled. Recently, it was found that Facebook’s Messenger app has a hidden dark theme. Also, its repeatedly reported that, the iOS 13 will feature a complete OS wide dark theme. Continuing with macOS Mojave’s Dark Mode’s which turned out to be one of the most popular features among the users.

If you’d like to give the Dark Mode in Slack a try, sign up for the public beta here. Slack is a free application which can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store.

It’s important to note that, the Dark Mode switch is only available to the iOS users at present. There has been no word as to when the Android equivalent of it will be released.