Get the Slope Universal Stand for the iPad and iPhone for $29

We at iLounge have a special deal on the Slope Universal Tablet Stand, which allows you to attach virtually any-size tablet for a hands-free viewing experience.

Need a slim, stylish and unique tablet stand for hands-free watching, video calls, and browsing? Slope can turn your tablet or your iPhone into a monitor using a unique suction method. The stand can affix any tablet that has a metal back via suction technology.

The pad’s surface is made up of nano-foam with thousands of mini air pockets; when you press your tablet up against the surface, pockets create a vacuum and grips the back of your tablet securely. Pad losing grip? All it takes is a simple wipe and Slope works good as new.

Slope Universal Stand for iPhone

Slope features an anodized, brushed metal aluminum finish that looks just like a Mac, which means it can fit anywhere and look good doing so.

Slope Universal Stand

The Slope Universal Tablet Stand usually costs $49.99 for the Large and $39.99 for the Mini, while we at iLounge are just giving it away for $39.99 and $29.99, respectively. You get up to 25% off with our deal.

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