Snag a Cool Wireless Mechanical Keyboard at Nearly $20 Off

If mechanical keyboards and huge savings are your thing then here’s a deal for you. Today, the Cooler Master CK729 Hybrid Wireless Mechanical Keyboard is down to just $102.42 from its original price of $120 on Amazon.

Cooler Master’s wireless keyboard is superbly portable and features a 65% layout and soft wrist rest so you can type or game for longer periods of time. The brand’s mechanical switches are rated durable up to 50 million keystrokes and are excellent in terms of accuracy, responsiveness and tactile satisfaction.

Snag a Cool Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

You can connect the keyboard via Bluetooth or type C depending on your setup. What’s especially noteworthy is the 3-way customizable dial for controlling volume, playback and more. The wireless keyboard is widely compatible and may be used on iOS, Android, macOS and Windows devices and computers.

Grab the discounted Cooler Master Hybrid Wireless Mechanical Keyboard quickly for only $102.42 today!