Some Apple Stores Have Been Redesigned For Intuitive Shopping Experience

Apple has begun to shift from ambiguous Apple product displays to one that has helpful signatures and fixtures.

Multiple Apple Stores are now adapting to these new designs in order to catch up with the busy times. There are now new signs in front of the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max that display each device’s specifications, price and color options, which should reduce the staff’s workload and make for a more straightforward experience.

Apple Store Redesigned Image 1 Apple Store Redesigned Image 2

The Apple Watch section has been redesigned as well to allow customers to try on the bands and explore both physical and in-watch features. Glass-topped cabinets are gone, and in their place are rows of Apple Watches on pedestals. Band trays make mixing and matching bands are on hand as well.

Apple Store Redesigned Image 3

New Express Checkout zones can be seen in some stores across Canada and the U.S., where people can quickly pay for their accessories like headphones, cables and iPhone cases.

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