Someone converted an Old 27 inch iMac into a Studio Display


A YouTuber by the name of Luke Miani has managed to convert a 2014 27 inch iMac to a makeshift Studio Display.

27 inch iMac into a Studio Display

The recently-launched Studio Display is made from the same technology as the 2014 iMac, and when Miani realized this he set out to create his own Studio Display. The YouTuber bought a used iMac for around $600, gutted the innards and finished with a 5K display, alongside USB-C connectivity and a built-in camera for around $800.

Miani tested out the upcycled DIY Studio Display and found out that performance isn’t quite the same as the 2022 product. Specifically, there’s the absence of P3 color gamut, and the contrast ratio and blacks aren’t as pronounced.

The Studio Display debuted in 2022 during the ‘Peek Performance’ event with a price tag of $1,600. The monitor has had multiple issues since launch concerning its webcam and the rollout of updates.

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