Sony has recently posted job advertisements which sees the giant porting over its games to the iPhone and iPad in the future.

Playstation Games to iPhone

The job listing is seeking someone who could be ‘Head of Mobile Sony Interactive Entertainment, Playstation Studios’ with location being in California. The candidate is expected to ‘lead game development expansion from PC and console to live services and mobile’. Furthermore, it says that the focus will be on ‘successfully adapting Playstation’s most popular franchises for mobile’.

From the job posting it looks like Sony wishes to expand to mobile gaming, however it may take years before the public sees anything.

Sony already has the Playstation Mobile brand, which results in Uncharted: Fortune Hunter and Run Sackboy! Run!, as well as Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture and Horizon: Zero Dawn to appear on PC.

Currently, Sony has the Remote Play app which allows iPhone and iPad users to play on their device from a console in a network.


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