Soulja Boy tells iPhone and Steve Jobs story in podcast episode

Rapper Soulja Boy recently made a claim that Steve Jobs gave him the first original iPhone while on shoot for a music video.

The rapper stated in a podcast interview on ‘Million Dollaz Worth of Game’ that he was filming the ‘Crank That’ music video in 2007 when Steve Jobs and the Apple team came and brought him the iPhone. He was showing people how to do the instructional dance on the pool and was handed the original iPhone by the late Apple CEO.

The music video was shot exactly July 17, around 2 weeks after the release of the iPhone in the US. However, it was confirmed that Apple personnel did visit the rapper during the shoot, and it was possible that Steve Jobs was there.

Apple has a known history of collaborating with popular artists and stars to promote its products, which potentially makes Soulja Boy’s claim valid.

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