South Carolina fisherman catches unlikely prize

Horry County resident Jason Robinson went to Waccamaw River to try and catch bass and brim, but has caught an unlikely prize in the form of an iPhone.

On June 18, Robinson went to Waccamaw River early to try and catch fish. After a brief stint of catching fishes he felt a ‘good bite and tension’ on his line.


He then reeled in an iPhone that had a case still intact. After cleaning his catch he found a photo of a woman and man in the case and promptly posted it to his Facebook account.


Riley Johnson, owner of the iPhone somehow found the post and met up with Robinson. She told the tale of how the photo was taken when she and her husband were dating. Johnson mentioned that the phone was lost during Thanksgiving last year.

The iPhone was then returned to the owner. Johnson mentioned how the picture is vintage and they’ll frame it as a keepsake and memento of the heartwarming event.