South Korea approves bill that takes away App Store In-App purchase monopoly

South Korea has recently given the okay sign for a bill that opens up in-app purchases on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Developers of both platforms will now be able to set up third party payment methods in-app without needing to go through the system. The country’s National Assembly was supposed to vote on the bill yesterday but more pressing matters surfaced. Originally, the bill was part of the Telecommunications Business Act, which forces Google and Apple to have an open position towards payment methods, among others.

App Store

The bill represents the first of many legislative steps developers, lawmakers and other individuals have for regulating app distribution and to prevent anti-competitive behaviors. Its passing means Apple will no longer have control over developers and in-app purchases, something that the company is getting a 15 to 30 percent commission share on.

Apple recently stated that the bill may result in decreased trust in the App Store.