South Korea demands removal of ‘Play to Earn’ games on iOS and Android


South Korean authorities have mandated that Google and Apple remove their ‘play to earn’ games as it doesn’t comply with the country’s profit limit.

Play to Earn

In wake of its new laws for the App Store, leading platforms are now asked to remove ‘P2E’ apps, with the Game Management Committee citing Supreme Court precedent for this action.

Play to Earn games usually require the user to invest money to acquire NFTs, or non fungible tokens which in turn can be used to earn rewards in-game. NFT games are popular within the cryptocurrency industry; however, a law in South Korea says that a person can only win $8.42 at any one point.

The government tried to block these games by asking for age ratings, to which a few apps have passed. Now, they are setting a precedent and asking Google and Apple to block those that require an in-app purchase before they could be played.


Samantha Wiley

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