Spam Callers Get The Silent Treatment In iOS 13

Native support will be added on Apple’s newest iOS 13, one that will silence unknown and spam callers via Siri technology.
iPhone users can now send phone calls marked as “unknown” or spam straight to voicemail with the help of Siri.

Turning on the setting allows Siri to determine whether an incoming call from a number is in your Messages, Mail or Contacts. If not, it gets sent straight to voicemail, eliminating further stress and the need to deal with spam.

Apple is aiming to make this feature act as a middle ground between having your iPhone open to calls and having to set your device to “Do Not Disturb” when you only need your Contacts to get ahold of you throughout the day. When you turn on the option, Siri will also sifting through your Message and Mail content to avoid missing people you haven’t added yet.

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