Spatial Audio added to iOS Netflix app

A Netflix spokesperson recently confirmed rumors that Spatial Audio will be integrated into Netflix for iPad and iPhone.

Spatial Audio is an audio feature designed to add immersion via directional filters. This makes the user hear audio content from different directions, thereby presenting a movie-like experience. The hardware used in Apple headphones and iOS devices are the accelerometer and gyroscope.


Spatial Audio on Netflix will require the AirPods Max or the AirPods Pro and can be enabled in the Control Center. The iPad or iPhone should be running iOS 14 or 15 as well.

iOS Netflix app

Because the feature is in the process of being rolled out, not all iOS users can access it right away. While waiting, iOS 15 users can enable Spatialize Stereo to optimize audio content and enjoy a deeper level of immersion on Netflix.

There’s no timeline on when Spatial Audio will be fully integrated into all iOS devices, but users can check by going to the Control Center.